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Int J Pharm Bio Sci Volume 12 Issue 1, 2021 (January-March), Pages:45-58

Development and Statistical Optimization of Tetanus Toxoid Loaded Mannosylated Bilosomesfor Immunization against Clostridium tetani

Sushmita Rana and Arvind Kumar

Nanocarriers are embryonic contenders (act as a carrier to target drug in mucosal site) for the delivery of antigen through the mucosal route. Oral routes are preferred over the conventional route for immunization because it produces systemic mucosal immunity. Advanced forms of Nanocarriers elicit the stability of antigen into the GIT, simulated gastric fluid, and simulated intestinal fluid. In the present study, Mannosylated blossoms were developed and evaluated for their morphology, entrapment efficiency by using central composite design (DoE). The formulation showed more stability as compared to conventional Nanocarriers (liposome, niosomes, etc). Mannosylation influences dendritic cell targeting. It also improves the acid degradation of antigen in GIT as well as elicits the mucosal immune response. Our objective of this research is the preparation, of tetanus toxoid loaded bilosomes that target the mucosal site where dendritic cells are present. Bilosomes were prepared by the film hydration method and optimization of bilosomes was done to get the desired vesicle size and maximum encapsulation efficiency. Optimization of bilosomes was done to get the desired vesicle size and maximum encapsulation efficiency. The developed nanocarriers system was found to be stable in the gastrointestinal tract and suitable for the delivery of antigen to the intestine as compared to the conventional nanocarriers. Invivo study reveals that nanocarriers i.e. mannosylated bilosomes enable to protect antigen in a raucous gastric environment and elicit both systemic and humoral immunity. The immunological assay shows that mice immunized with antigen-loaded mannosylated bilosomes display a high concentration of IgG that indicates the successful antigen delivery through oral route. Oral vaccine formulation provides vast protection than the parenteral route.

Keywords: Tetanus toxoid, Nano carriers, Dendritic cell, Mannosylated bilosomes, Immunization
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Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy
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Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Pharmaceutics
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Novel drug delivery system
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Nanotechnology
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Pharmacology
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Pharmacognosy
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