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Int J Pharm Bio Sci Volume 12 Issue 1, 2021 (January-March), Pages:97-103

Tricyclazole Induced Changes in Certain Haematological Indices of Channapunctatus (Bloch) as Diagnostic Biomarkers of Stress Response

Dina NathPandit, Usha Rani and MohitaSardana

Arrah is an agricultural area of Bihar dominated by the paddy culture. Tricyclazole (mol formula: C9H7N3S; molecular mass: 189.24 g/mol), a systemic and sulphurated fungicide is recommended to treat blast disease caused by Pyriculariaoryzae in irrigated rice. Channapunctatus(Bloch) or snake-headed murrel is an Indian freshwater air-breathing fish also found in paddy fields. This maiden study was designed to evaluate the acute toxicity of tricyclazole and its responses to certain haematological indices in Channapunctatus. By the Finney probit method, a 96hr-LC50 dose of tricyclazole for this fish was calculated as 22.44 mg/L. The calculated LC50 dose indicates the highly toxic nature of tricyclazole. Haematological indices were studied following standard methods.  The test fish were exposed to 0.25 and 1.25 mg/L sublethal dose of tricyclazole for a long term (15, 30 and 45 days) exposure and the variations of haematological indices were determined. The results demonstrated that total erythrocyte count, haemoglobin, packed cell volume, basophils, neutrophils, monocytes and thrombocytes decreased significantly (p<0.05) while erythrocyte sedimentation rate, total leucocyte count, eosinophils and lymphocytes increased significantly (p<0.05)  in all long term treated group of fishes when compared to its control group. These variations were observed dose-dependent and also duration-dependent to combat stress response raised due to tricyclazole toxicity. There is no concern about its application in nature at the concentrations recommended for control of the disease. Therefore, the entry of such fungicide to natural water bodies should be stopped besides ensuring their judicious application around the catchment area. Further, these findings may be used in the assessment of the potential risk of tricyclazole on the food chain and aquatic ecosystems.

Keywords: Tricyclazole, 96hr-LC50, Long term toxicity, Haematological indices, Channapunctatus.
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Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Pharmaceutics
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Novel drug delivery system
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Nanotechnology
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Pharmacology
Welcome to IJPBS,Pharmaceutics, Novel, drug, delivery, system, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Pharmacognosy
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